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Titus 2 Project seminar comments

Titus 2 Project "Biblical Communication in an Internet Society

On March 7, 2015 Titus 2 Project held it's third seminar! It was a wonderful experience! We had ladies there age 15 to 80's. We shared God's knowledge and love for other.God's blessing was felt by all.

We discussed how God loves us and wants what is best for us. This doesn't matter what we feel or think about His purpose for us. We can not allow the world to make us feel less than what God has told us we are. 

We are attempting to bring Christian ladies back to the word of God and closer to the Father.

What A Success-God is Glorified!-comments for Titus 2 Project

Our firstTitus 2 Projectseminar was wonderful! We had a great time exchanging love, ideas, and experiences in the name of God.
Here are a few comments that were expressed by the sisters that attended.
Please continue to pray for our ministry as we move forward.
*It was great to be with women who want to be Godly! Would love to do it again.
*Dear Cynthia and D, This day has been such a blessing. This has been a blessing and a challenge to me. Thanks are given to God, you and the other sisters that came.
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