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Teaching Younger Women in Our Lives

Both younger and older women have an important part in fulfilling Titus 2 instructions. Stacy McDonald brings out some important issues in this area.

Modesty:Man to Woman

A message from a young man on how important modesty is from a man's point of view to women. Something to think about.

Passing on the Wisdom

Titus 2:4-5 Teaches each that older women are to teach the younger women the things of God. Here are some ideas from His word bring light to what are responsibilities should be.  

Being a Godly Woman

Being a Godly Woman
My husband and I joke sometimes, about how long the line will be in heaven to ask Adam and Eve, “Why did you do it?“  I’m sure every believer wonders about that at some time or another.  However, if Adam and Eve hadn’t been disobedient, someone else certainly would have, and we’d still live in a fallen world today no matter who sinned first.Sometimes when I am challenged by unbelievers as to why God allows horrible things to happen in the world, I say, “Oh He could fix it easily.

Modesty from Young christian's eyes

Amen to this young Christian women! She is using the gift that God has given her and informing US on the biblical view of modesty! Lizzie please keep up the great work!

Preparing for Titus 2 Project Seminar-4/5/2014

Are there times when you have a mission that you believe is from God and that will bring glory and honor to Him? It is something that will also help His people, your sisters in the Lord. But when it comes time to step forward in faith, your spiritual knees get a little shaky. Your faith is strong, but you human nerves are not too stable. I believe that I am at this point.
As I preparefor Titus 2 Project  I have these thoughts.WE ARE GOING TO FINISH OUR GOAL! (with God's blessing) I am looking forward to this great step of faith and another adventure with God and my daughter, Demetria.

The Importance of Older Women

The importance of the older woman in God's plan should be known to His people. Older women should not give up knowing that they are needed in God's purpose.

You are WORTHY!!!

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Who You Are: A Message To All Women
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What is your focus?

We can be so focused on the world around us. We can be distracted by the busy life we lead. We seem to have every second of our lives accounted for with activities. Maybe when we look at our lives and the things that occupy it we need to see if they meet the requirements that God asks from His people. In Matt. 6 Jesus tells us about how we need to make priorities in our daily living. He stated,"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Is Being a Christian Really Important?

As women of God sometimes we go through life saying we are Christians, but do we think about what that entails? Do we look at the reason behind living the life of a Christian? One of the main reasons that we should be Christians is because we want to be pleasing to God just like Jesus was. That was His main purpose in life. Since we are His followers that should be our focus as well.
Another reason to be a Christian is because Jesus willingly gave Himself for us so that we can have eternal life with Our Father in this life on earth and in the life to come.
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